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Advanced Eye Care Technology in Woodbridge, VA!

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Many advanced treatments and technologies can help you maintain or regain your eyesight and even correct common vision problems.

Advanced Eye Care Technology in Woodbridge, VA!

Sophisticated equipment with advanced technology has improved eye procedures and treatments. Today, laser technology ensures maximum accuracy with minimal pain. Furthermore, we can diagnose eye diseases at an early stage. As a result, the eye procedure is at less risk with a fast recovery tenure.

Let’s look at some of the most advanced technology available today. To determine which solution may be the best fit for your visual impairment or condition.

  • Visual Field Testing – Wavefront Analysis

A visual field test is a type of eye exam that checks your peripheral vision. It can help detect a possible tumour or stroke on the optic nerve, which may be causing you to lose peripheral vision in one eye. 

Furthermore, the procedure of visual field testing is non-invasive, painless, and easy to understand. It usually takes 15- 20 minutes to complete the test, which measures the extent of a person’s central and peripheral vision. 

You place your chin on a chin resting at the front edge of the instrument to proceed with the test. To dignose the intensity level of light, you need to press a button to indicate whenever you see a flashing light. Then these indications of flashes ensure that you are attentive to the task. In the end, the computer generates a map of the areas to identify any abnormality.

  • Glaucoma Testing

The procedure of glaucoma testing involves measuring internal eye pressure and taking a detailed image of the retina. Also, routine screening is essential to detect the early stages of glaucoma with regular visits to an optometrist.

  • The Autorefractor 

An autorefractor helps to measure the eye’s refractive errors to detect nearsightedness and astigmatism. In other words, to correct your image with glasses or contact lenses, you need to measure your refraction. This procedure is completed by using an autorefractor.

An optometrist typically uses this device as part of an eye exam. During the exam, a person may be asked to look into the machine while it projects light into their eyes.

Because it is used to obtain a visual map of the eye’s surface, it will allow your doctor to determine if you need corrective lenses or glasses. A measurement obtained by an autorefractor will translate into a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In addition, for Children and exceptional cases, Autorefractor will automatically adjust itself to provide accurate measurements.

How Do Autorefractors Work? When To Search For Contact Eye Exam Near Me?advanced eye care, advanced eye treatment, eye care in woodbridge, VA, LAke Ridge, Dale City, West Ridge, South Ridge, Belmont Bay

The process is quick and painless. With this technology, your eyesight can be measured in less than ten seconds with a very high degree of accuracy. They are reliable & function in conjunction with machines called phoropters. Moreover, it manually rotates the lens in front of your eyes to provide the perfect prescription.

Vision care provides people with a way to preserve their eyesight and maintain the health of their eyes. Everyone needs to spare some time every year for an annual eye exam, even if they don’t have any current symptoms or issues. 

So, if you are experiencing eye problems, schedule an appointment with the best eye doctor (optometrist) today!

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