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How To Deal With Eye Emergencies (Pink/Red Eyes)? – Search For Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me!

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How To Deal With Eye Emergencies (Pink/Red Eyes)- Pink Eye Treatment? – Search For an Emergency Eye Doctor Near Me!

pink eye artificial tears, pink eye remedy, pink eye treatmentIf you notice that your eye colour has changed from clear to red or pink, you are likely suffering from Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. In most cases, this condition is easy to treat and will relinquish its own within a few days without any medication or visits to the doctor. However, there are some situations where you should seek immediate medical care from a qualified doctor or eye care specialist.

What Causes Pink/Red Eyes?

The common cause of red eyes is dry eye syndrome, a chronic condition caused by a lack of adequate moisture on the eye’s surface. Other reasons for pink or red eyes include: 

  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Bacterial Conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria introduced to the eye, usually from a person’s hands or nose. And can be transmitted through contact with other people. A bacterial infection that causes pink or red eyes may produce symptoms such as watery discharge, pain, and itching of the eyelid lining, swollen eyelids, and swelling around the eyes. 

  • Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral Conjunctivitis is a contagious eye infection caused by the same virus that causes the common cold. It can happen to anyone, but it’s most common in children and young adults. The condition usually lasts from one to three weeks.

  • Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when your eye does not produce enough tears or evaporates too quickly because they are too thick. Different types of Dry Eyes exist, including insufficient tear production, evaporation due to wind, and low humidity levels. Moreover, it includes infection of the cornea and eyelids and increased sensitivity to environmental triggers like smoke or pollution.

  • Foreign Body In The Eye

Foreign bodies are the most common cause of pink eye. Most of these will require a visit to your eye doctor. Your eye may have a foreign body if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Stinging or burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Increased sensitivity to light.
  • Decreased ability to see.
  • Eyelid swelling.
  • Redness around the eyes.

If you notice these symptoms, immediately head to an eye care clinic.

How Does An Eye Doctor at My Vision Care PLLC Help You? Treatment for Conjunctivitis & Pinkeyepink eye treatment, pinkeye contagious, eye floaters, treatment for conjunctivitis, pink eye artificial tears, pink eye remedy, pink eye treatment

Suppose you are experiencing significant pain around your eyes and head. It could signify a severe underlying condition such as glaucoma or meningitis. Your eye doctor nearby can help you if you experience these symptoms.

If you suspect you have either condition, we are here for you. Because delay can harm your vision, visit My Vision Care PLLC to consult the optometrists so they can help determine the cause of your eye emergency. We offer eye consultations if you want personalized advice from professionals & experts.

Our optometrists are ready to help you in one location when you need eye care. In addition to routine or annual eye exams, glasses, & contact lenses, we do offer eye care for

  • Emergency eye care
  • Red, sore, or itchy eyes
  • Removals of Foreign bodies from the eye, like metal or wood
  • Pink eye & other bacterial infections
  • Treatment of eye burns or allergies

So, don’t wait to get into eye emergencies like Scratched eyes, Flashes of light in the vision, Eye infections, Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes, Foreign materials stuck in the eyes, Dislodged contact lenses, Lost or broken contact lenses or eyeglasses, “Floaters” in the vision, Eye trauma, Red or painful eyes, or Uncomfortable, itchy, or irritated eyes.

Contact My Vision Care PLLC when you are searching for a walk-in optometrist near me!

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