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Optometrists Woodbridge VA

Get in touch with an optometrist in Woodbridge, VA, today, and get an experienced eye exam!

Information about Optometrists Woodbridge VA

There are many reasons why going to an optometrist in Woodbridge, VA, can keep your overall health in check. Vision care PLLC has experienced optometrists that can help you with many severe health conditions, including glaucoma and hypertension, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA). Therefore, a regular visit to an optometrist in Woodbridge VA, can help maintain your overall health!


You deserve to see things. 


The best way to have healthy eyes is to get a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist in Woodbridge VA. Let Dr Ashfaq take care of your eye health and ensure you can see everything correctly at Vision care PLLC.

So, stop researching right now!

Do you feel you’re missing half of what’s happening around you? 

Don’t worry; an optometrist in Woodbridge VA can fix all those problems and more!

Don’t put off life-changing eye care services because your previous optometrists Woodbridge VA, do not offer the latest technology. Instead, contact Vision Care PLLC and have an appointment with Dr Ashfaq today to discover how affordable vision consultancy can be.   

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VSP Eye Doctors Woodbridge VA

VSP is a Vision insurance and is accepted by our eye doctors located in Woodbridge VA. You should know that My Vision Care PLLC provides services to VSP-insured patients and make their glasses.

The Eye doctors at My Vision Care PLLC at Woodbridge VA treat different eye diseases including


  1. Acute Contact Lens Induced Problems
  2. Acute Conjunctivitis (Pink Eyes)
  3. Acute Viral Conjunctivitis
  4. Herpes Zoster ophthalmicus (Shingles)
  5. Acute Lid Infections Like Style
  6. Corneal Infections Including Keratitis
  7. Anterior Uveitis
  8. Allergic Conjunctivitis
  9. Corneal And Conjunctival Foreign Bodies
  10. Corneal Abrasions
  11. Corneal Ulcers
  12. Acute Dry Eyes
  13. Punctal plugs
  14. Glaucoma diagnosis and Management.
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Eligibility of Vision Care PLLC Woodbridge VA

Vision Care PLLC accepts insurance plans and doesn’t claim forms to submit while visiting a VSP network doctor. Instead, Vision Care PLLC reach VSP to confirm your eligibility, plan coverage, and receive approval for services. Once your appointment is confirmed, eye doctor Woodbridge VA raises the claim to VSP for processing, and VSP pays the Optometrists Woodbridge VA directly.


My Vision Care PLLC has one of the best eye doctors in Woodbridge VA and they  offer multiple Ophthalmic services and treatments including,

  1. Contact Lenses Fitting 
  2. Comprehensive Eye Care
  3. Visual Analysis
  4. Glasses
  5. Diabetic eye exam.
  6. Treatment of chronic ophthalmic problems
  7. Computer vision syndrome
  8. Keratoconus and rigid gas permeable lens fitting.
  9. Glaucoma Diagnosis and treatment
  10. Contact lens-induced problems

The eye doctor at My Vision Care PLLC, Woodbridge VA offers all VARILUX and CRIZAL lenses. 

The great service provided at My Vision Care PLLC 

– You can get your single-vision glasses in one hour.

(offer not applicable with certain insurance companies). Ask for more info.

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