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What You Need To Know About “Presbyopia”

Want to know about Presbyopia treatment? How to avoid eye disorders or eye problems? For eye consultancy, Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq – America’s Top Optometrist is always available when you look for eye checkup near me in Virginia. For more information, continue reading!

What You Need To Know About “Presbyopia”

eye checkup near me, eye disorder, eye problems solution, presbyopia, presbyopia treatment Woodbridge, VirginiaAs the years go by, you will notice several changes within your body. These changes occur as you get older, and one of them is presbyopia. This is a common condition that occurs in many people. It is the loss of eye vision in seeing near objects. 

Therefore, it is a gradual loss of the ability of your eyes to have clear vision. Especially the objects that are situated near your eyes. It usually becomes worse when you are in your mid-40s. It keeps decreasing until you reach the age of 60. 

One way to know if you are losing vision is when you are holding newspapers and books at arm’s length. Hence, this is so that you can read them. You can also test your eyes at My Vision Care PLLC near Clifton, Belmont Bay, Montclair, Dale City, Woodbridge and West, and South Ridge. Hence, this clinic is accessible in most places, and you can come here to opt for a simple eye test to see if you are losing your vision. 

The Symptoms Of Presbyopia And When To See The Doctor!

eye checkup near me, eye disorder, eye problems solution, presbyopia, presbyopia treatment Woodbridge, VirginiaThere are some symptoms you can spot when it comes to presbyopia. One of those is to hold things further away to be able to read. Another is having blurred vision at a distance considered normal to read.

The last symptom is eyestrain or headaches when you read too much or do work closely. Whenever you feel like you have these symptoms or they are getting worse, it is a sign for you to visit the doctor. Moreover, it would help if you also looked closely at your health, especially your vision. 

There are some other things you might also get to face, which are having vision loss suddenly in one eye. It can happen without any eye pain as well. You can experience sudden blurred vision or hazy vision, as well as see flashes of light, halos around lights when you see them, or black spots. You may also get double vision. Hence, when this happens, it is time for you to head to the doctor as quickly as possible because all these are severe conditions. 

Get Know The Causes Of Presbyopia

The main reason for presbyopia is when the lens hardens. Hence, this is something that occurs with ageing, which is why there are few explanations for it. The lens of your eye is flexible, and they are supposed to be flexible, unlike the cornea. Hence, they can also change shape with the help of circular muscles. This is what helps you see the different objects. 

When you look at something far away, these muscles relax and contract when you look at something nearby. Hence, this power helps them to view things properly. When the lens cannot move because it hardens, this is what causes you to have vision loss when looking at near objects. They are not in focus because of the hard lens. 

What are Presbyopia Treatments? Optometrist Recommended!eye checkup near me, eye disorder, eye problems solution, presbyopia, presbyopia treatment Woodbridge, Virginia

To combat presbyopia, as the best optometrist in Woodbridge, Virginia, we need to acknowledge the solutions below: 

  • Glasses
    • Reading Glasses
    • Multifocal Glasses
  • Contact Lenses
    • Multifocal Contact Lens
    • Monovision Contact Lenses
  • Surgery
    • Multifocal Implant Options
  • Upcoming Solutions
    • To treat presbyopia, clinical trials for eye drops are under process by vision-focused pharmaceutical companies. We will first acknowledge our patients when these eye drops are available in the market.

Presbyopia treatment is essential to avoid eye disorders or eye problems. For further explanation of eye consultancy, do contact Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq – America’s Top Optomterist when you look for eye checkup near me

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