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What Constitutes Vision Care?

Eye Doctor Woodbridge Va

There are a number of processes involved in keeping healthy and functional eyes; the collective term often used is “vision care”. The primary focus of vision care is to ensure that everyone enjoys the best possible sight; within the strategy employed to see that this happens there are a number of individual components; education, complete health maintenance and care plans.

The core of a fully functional vision care plan is the establishment of a program for regular eye checkups. If you have not had nor have any issues with your eyes or vision, checkups every other year are fine, if you are experiencing any issues, then annual visits to My Vision Care, your eye doctor in Woodbridge VA is recommended. When you are at with Dr. Ashfaq, he will first ask you to read from an eye chart, a simple group of letters where the letters at the top of the chart are much larger than at the bottom. As the size gets progressively smaller, the eye doctor can get an idea of the patient’s vision range.

The doctor will dilate the eyes and subject them to a full examination, making sure there are no abnormalities such as cloudiness in the area of the cornea or any other potential problem. These exams are normally given to all patients during their visit; in certain cases the doctor will suggest visits twice a year if the patient is at high risk, such as someone who is diabetic which has a detrimental effect on the eyes.

A person who suffers from astigmatism, nearsightedness or far sightedness will be fitted with glasses or contact lenses which will correct the problem. Corrective lenses which are prescribed and fitted by the eye doctor in Woodbridge VA will bring one’s vision back to what is considered normal.

There are instances where eye surgery is the recommended course of action. A reasonably recent innovation in eye care is LASIK surgery, in some cases this surgical procedure can totally eliminate the need for corrective lenses, but, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure.

At My Vision Care, Doctor Ashfaq will give you tips and pointers about overall health care and maintenance which will be beneficial to your eyes. It is important to have a well balanced diet containing vitamins and minerals as well as having regular medical check-ups which can identify an area of concern which may impact eye functionality.


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