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Multifocal Contact Lenses 2022 – 2023

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Multifocal lenses are a type of contact lens used by people with presbyopia, a vision condition that affects everyone over the age of 40 or 50. Presbyopia gradually decreases the ability to change the lens’s shape inside the eye, which focuses light onto the retina.

As age increases, the eye loses the ability to focus on nearby objects. Multifocal contacts allow people with this condition to see clearly at all distances without constantly changing their glasses or contacts.

Multifocal Contact Lenses 2022 – 2023

Multifocal lenses are available in both soft and hard materials. Soft multifocal lenses are more comfortable for dry eyes but offer less protection from scratching than hard multifocal contacts. At the same time, hard multifocal lenses have better protection against scratching but also tend to be less comfortable because they are stiffer than soft contacts.

How Do Multifocal Contact Lenses Work?

Multifocal contact lens in Woodbridge, air Optix aqua multifocal near me, daily multifocal contact lenses

There are two types of multifocal lenses. The first type is an Alternating vision lens, which provides a line of near and far focus in each eye. As the wearer alternates their fixation from one eye to the other, they will see the clear focus in both eyes at different distances.

The second type is a Simultaneous vision lens which provides continuous sharp focus at all distances with simultaneous binocular viewing—at the same time, looking straight ahead or reading text on paper. These lenses provide increased clarity when doing close-up tasks.

There are two simultaneous vision lenses: concentric rings and aspheric lenses.

  • Concentric Ring

The concentric ring design is made up of a series of rings that are set at different distances from the pupil. The innermost circle, or annulus, is closest to the pupil and provides correction for nearsightedness; the outermost ring corrects farsightedness. The next concentric circle inward corrects for reading distance. And the next outward offers additional help with reading.

  • Aspheric

Your visual system must learn how to compensate for different prescriptions by eye. Aspheric designs, popularly called progressive lenses, are your best option. The multifocal contact lens works more like progressive eyeglass lenses, where the different prescription powers are blended.

Are Multifocal Contact Lenses Good for Me?

multifocal contacts Virginia, multifocal contact lenses Woodbridge VA USAMultifocal contact lenses are an excellent option for those who have difficulty focusing. They help provide both distance and near vision because new technology has made it possible to use multifocal contact lenses with bifocals, which allows the wearer to switch between distant, intermediate, and near-vision modes by simply looking up or down.

Your Optometrist will need to assess your eye health before prescribing you a multifocal contact lens. They will consider your pupil size and the overall shape of your cornea. And any other factors that may impact your ability to see clearly.

At My Vision Care PLLC, we will see if you are a good candidate for multifocal contact lenses. Also, we will recommend what type of contact lens would work best for your lifestyle and needs.

Before recommending a multifocal contact lens, we’ll ensure that your eyesight is stable. Once we’ve determined this is safe for you, we’ll guide you on how to do contact lens fitting in each eye and how to wear them daily. Visit us today to find out more about our multifocal contact lens services.

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